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Dingo Api response->created | location and content example

I am creating API with Laravel 5.2 and Dingo API package. When a user is created, I want to return

response with the new

My Code

return $this->response->created();

As per Dingo documentatio, I can provide a
as parameters in the

My question is, what location information I need to return here and I tried to set my new user as
, but it's not working or I am not sure what to expect.

Can someone please explain this



Answer Source

What this does is set the Location header, as seen in the source:

 * Respond with a created response and associate a location if provided.
 * @param null|string $location
 * @return \Dingo\Api\Http\Response
public function created($location = null, $content = null)
    $response = new Response($content);
    if (! is_null($location)) {
        $response->header('Location', $location);
    return $response;

So, in your example since you're creating a new user, you might send the users profile page as the location, something like:

return $this->response->created('/users/123');

As for the content, as you can see in the function this sets the content on the return. In your case, it would probably be a json string with the new user information, something like:

return $this->response->created('/users/123', $user); // laravel should automatically json_encode the user object
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