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Scala Question

Is it possible to pattern match on type in a Scala for expression?

I'm trying to use a for expression to map over an Option, but I only want to match if the contents of the Option are of a specific type. What I thought would work is this:

for {
vcs: Mercurial <- maybeVcs
} yield vcs

But that yields the following compile error:

<console>:76: error: type mismatch;
found : sbtrelease.Mercurial => sbtrelease.Mercurial
required: sbtrelease.Vcs => ?
vcs: Mercurial <- get (releaseVcs in Compile)

Is it possible to pattern match on type in a for expression?

dhg dhg
Answer Source

It's really straightforward if you use collect instead of for:

trait A
case class B(x: Int) extends A
case class C(y: Int) extends A

val someB: Option[A] = Some(B(2))
val someC: Option[A] = Some(C(2))
val noneA: Option[A] = None
someB.collect { case n: B => n }   // Some(B(2))
someC.collect { case n: B => n }   // None
noneA.collect { case n: B => n }   // None
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