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How to write HTML code in $rootScope variable using angularJS?

I am trying to change the value of a label in my HTML page on an event,is it possible to insert html code into the variable?


code is like:

<div ng-controller="welcomeCon" ><label>{{ welcomemsg }}</label></div>

and in some
in the script:

$rootScope.welcomemsg="You are not logged in,please log in or register"

Is there a way to make the words
log in
to be links?
If no, I would be happy if someone could guide me what to do in alternative.


Answer Source

You can do that as the other answers suggest by using the $sce service or ng-bind-html, but I would object to that approach because the links won't change, so why do it by defining the html in your code instead of in the html.

What you probably want is something like this:

<ul class="my-menu">
    <li ng-if="$root.loggedIn">
        <a href="url/to/logout">Logout</a>
    <li ng-if="!$root.loggedIn">
        You are not logged in, please <a href="login">login</a> or <a href="register">register</a>
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