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Trying to pass three parameters from one php file to another

I am trying to pass three parameters from one php file to another. Two of those parameters are in variables that are already determined long before the button is clicked to call the second php file, but one will be taken from a text box at the time the button is clicked.

So far I have the following (snippet) in the first php file. The two parameters that are in the existing variables show up in the URL just fine, but I can't figure out how to get the student number to be included. The URL just has "studentNumber=?&club=..."


<input type="text" id="studentNum" placeholder="Student Number">
<input type="button" value="Add Student" onclick="window.location = '<?php $url = 'http://npapps.peelschools.org/editor/add.php?studentNumber='.$_GET["StudentNum"].'&club='.$club.'&type='.$type.''; echo $url;?>'" />

Answer Source

Is it really necessary to use window.location? I would encourage you to use something like this

function doSubmit() {
<form id="myformid" action="receivingPHP.php" method="POST">
  <input id="studentnr" type="text" value="42" />
  <button onclick="doSubmit()">Send</button>

Of course there is no receivingPHP.php file on the StackOverflow servers, so if you try this script you will reach a white page (close it in the top right corner where it says close)

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