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Remove Unicode characters while querying in Hive

I want to clean the unicode the data from the Hive table. The following is the data,

select ('���m��v������) �a�^�����kn:4�+9x�2c��m�{��')

My required output is to find if there are any unicode characters in my column and to remove it. The output here should be,

or completely null. Either of them is fine. If a row contains any unicode character, it is fine to make it null completely.

The following are my tryings,

select REGEXP_REPLACE('���m��v������) �a�^�����kn:4�+9x�2c��m�{��', '\\[[:xdigit:]]{4}', '')


select REGEXP_REPLACE('���m��v������) �a�^�����kn:4�+9x�2c��m�{��', '[||chr(128)||'-'||chr(255)||]', '')

Executed as Single statement. Failed [40000 : 42000] Error while compiling statement: FAILED: ParseException line 1:193 mismatched input '<EOF>' expecting ) near ')' in function specification
Elapsed time = 00:00:00.220

STATEMENT 1: SELECT Statement failed.

Can somebody help me in cleaning these in my table ?


Answer Source

You may use


It will remove all the string up to its end from the first found non-ASCII char.

Hive regex supports Unicode property classes, and \p{ASCII} matches any ASCII char. The opposite Unicode property classes are formed by turning p to upper case. So, \P{ASCII} matches any char that is not ASCII. .* matches any 0+ chars as many as possible, as * is a greedy quantifier.

Note that . does not match line breaks by default. If you need to remove line breaks, add (?s) at the start of the pattern:

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