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Git Question

Converting bazaar repo to git on linux

How can I convert bazaar repo to git? I have old zip archive with .bzr directory in it.

I've try to follow this tutorial but when I try to install:

sudo apt-get install bzr-fastimport

it got error that there are no bzr-fastimport package and there is python-fastimport I've install it but

bzr fast-export --plain `pwd`

show error:

bzr: ERROR: unknown command "fast-export"

I've also try to follow the solution in answer to this question: The right way to convert from bazaar to git and sync them

I've created new repo on github but when I called:

bzr dpush https://github.com/jcubic/aikiframework.git,branch=master

I've got error:

bzr: ERROR: Not a branch: "https://github.com/jcubic/aikiframework.git,branch=trunk/".

Answer Source

There are no package for bzr-fastimport in version 16.04 I downloaded file bzr-fastimport_0.13.0.orig.tar.gz from Yakkety Yak unpack and copy to ~/.bazaar/plugins/fastimport directory then I can call:

bzr fast-export --plain `pwd` | git fast-import
git remote add origin https://github.com/jcubic/aikiframework.git
git push origin master
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