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How to render visually a big pandas dataframe (~7000 lines, 3 columns)?

I have a big dataframe with values between -1 and 1. The dataframe has almost 7000 lines and 3 columns. I would like to have a visualization without the cells shrinking. For now, it's more lines than cells. I would like the color to refer to the value. I was trying with

but I don't find how to increase the height of cells. I've tried to play with extent and aspect but when aspect is increased, the picture shrinks.

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The most compact representation would be to use a bitmap of one pixel per value. This can be accomplished using PIL or Pillow, by creating the image from a buffer of data.

import StringIO
from PIL import Image

im = Image.open(StringIO.StringIO(buffer))

You would have to scale the data in the buffer to one or more bytes per pixel depending on the mode of the image you want to create

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