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Swift - create an array of classes

I saw this question, but what I want is to create an array of the actual classes so that I can call a class function on each of them.


let syncClasses:[Any] = [Battery, Tank, Gas]
for object in syncClasses {

I tried using
as a type for the array but that threw:

Expected member name or constructor call after type name

All of the classes inherit from the same
class so I can hack it by doing:

let syncClasses:[Object] = [Battery(), Tank()]

but then I have to make the function I want to call a method instead of a class function and that's not as clean as I would like.

Answer Source

A swifty way is to use a protocol:

protocol Drainable {
  static func drain()

class Battery : Drainable {
  static func drain() { print("battery drained") }

class Tank  : Drainable {
  static func drain() { print("tank drained") }

class Gas  : Drainable {
  static func drain() { print("gas drained") }

let syncClasses : [Drainable.Type] = [Battery.self, Tank.self, Gas.self]

for object in syncClasses {
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