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Python Sort not Working

I have code to sort a list of tuples:

s = "betty bought a bit of butter but the butter was bitter"
words = s.split()
l = []
k = []
unique_words = sorted(set(words))
for word in unique_words:

z = zip(k,l)
print z
reversed(sorted(z, key=lambda x: x[1]))
print z

z is the same, list doesn't get sorted or even reversed.

I am trying to sort by the integer value of count.

Answer Source

For an in-place sort, you should use z.sort().

If you insist on using sorted, then send the value back to z.

So, use either,

z.sort(key = lambda x:x[1])


z = reversed(sorted(z, key=lambda x: x[1]))

Or, a more sophisticated solution could be:

z = sorted(z, key=lambda x: x[1], reverse= True)

As a matter of fact, you can get the end result more easily by using collections.Counter()

from collections import Counter 
z = sorted(Counter(s.split()).items(), key = lambda x:x[1], reverse = True)

Sorting by two multiple keys are fine, you can pass them as a tuple. In your case, the solution would be:

# first sort by negatives of the second item, then alphabetically. 
z = sorted(z, key=lambda x: (-x[1],x[0]))


[('butter', 2), ('a', 1), ('betty', 1), ('bit', 1), ('bitter', 1),
('bought', 1), ('but', 1), ('of', 1), ('the', 1), ('was', 1)]
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