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Payara/glashfish won't start on brand new mac in netbeans

I've recently got my new Mac. And I've set up the payer server with netbeans. And when I'll try to run the server it never gets the green 'dot' that display its online status, instead it will have the 'loading' dot forever.

However, I can access it on http://localhost:4848, but when I try to deploy an application to the server I get this error

GlassFish Server is running.
Starting GlassFish Server
Initial deploying slit-ee to /Users/christian/slit/slit-ee/dist/gfdeploy/slit-ee
Completed initial distribution of slit-ee
GlassFish Server, deploy, null, false
/Users/christian/slit/slit-ee/nbproject/build-impl.xml:307: The module has not been deployed.
See the server log for details.
BUILD FAILED (total time: 22 seconds)

And the full server log

objc[1865]: Class JavaLaunchHelper is implemented in both /Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/jdk1.8.0_111.jdk/Contents/Home/bin/java (0x105e334c0) and /Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/jdk1.8.0_111.jdk/Contents/Home/jre/lib/libinstrument.dylib (0x105efb4e0). One of the two will be used. Which one is undefined.
Launching GlassFish on Felix platform
nov 28, 2016 2:14:21 AM com.sun.enterprise.glassfish.bootstrap.osgi.BundleProvisioner createBundleProvisioner
INFO: Create bundle provisioner class = class com.sun.enterprise.glassfish.bootstrap.osgi.BundleProvisioner.
Registered com.sun.enterprise.glassfish.bootstrap.osgi.EmbeddedOSGiGlassFishRuntime@18808234 in service registry.
#!## LogManagerService.postConstruct : rootFolder=/Users/christian/opt/payara41/glassfish
#!## LogManagerService.postConstruct : templateDir=/Users/christian/opt/payara41/glassfish/lib/templates
#!## LogManagerService.postConstruct : src=/Users/christian/opt/payara41/glassfish/lib/templates/
#!## LogManagerService.postConstruct : dest=/Users/christian/opt/payara41/glassfish/domains/payaradomain/config/
Info: Running Payara Version: Payara Server #badassfish (build 28)
Info: Server log file is using Formatter class: com.sun.enterprise.server.logging.ODLLogFormatter
Info: Registered for persistence-type = replicated in BackingStoreFactoryRegistry
Info: Authorization Service has successfully initialized.
Info: Realm [admin-realm] of classtype [] successfully created.
Info: Realm [file] of classtype [] successfully created.
Info: Realm [certificate] of classtype [] successfully created.
Info: Registered for persistence-type = hazelcast in BackingStoreFactoryRegistry
Info: Registered Hazelcast BackingStoreFactory with persistence-type = hazelcast
Info: Grizzly Framework 2.3.28 started in: 47ms - bound to [/]
Info: Grizzly Framework 2.3.28 started in: 1ms - bound to [/]
Info: Grizzly Framework 2.3.28 started in: 2ms - bound to [/]
Info: Grizzly Framework 2.3.28 started in: 1ms - bound to [/]
Info: Payara Server #badassfish (28) startup time : Felix (33 542ms), startup services(5 715ms), total(39 257ms)
Info: Payara Notification Service Started with configuration: NotificationExecutionOptions{enabled=true, notifierConfigurationExecutionOptionsList={LOG=NotifierConfigurationExecutionOptions{notifierType=LOG, enabled=true}}}
Info: Cleaning JarFileFactory Cache to prevent jar FD leaks
Info: HV000001: Hibernate Validator 5.1.2.Final
Info: Grizzly Framework 2.3.28 started in: 1ms - bound to [/]
Info: Registered com.sun.enterprise.glassfish.bootstrap.osgi.EmbeddedOSGiGlassFishImpl@7bca6fac as OSGi service registration: org.apache.felix.framework.ServiceRegistrationImpl@129fed45.
Info: /Users/christian/opt/payara41/glassfish/domains/payaradomain/autodeploy/bundles does not exist, please create it.
Info: JMXStartupService has started JMXConnector on JMXService URL service:jmx:rmi://

Also worth mention is that I'm an new Mac user, is there any security that prevent this?

Answer Source

It seems that Netbeans cannot connect to the started Payara Server. Maybe your issue is similar to this one with Netbeans and Tomcat on a Mac after some system update:

Here is a quote from that page:

Step 1: Go to system preference >Network>Select your wifi connection>Advanced>select proxies tab.

There check 3 options 1) Auto proxy Discovery 2)Automatic Proxy configuration 3) web proxy(http)

Step 2: Go to Netbeans>preferences>General> select use system proxy> reload> test connection

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