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Spring security Saml - Time difference between SP and IDP

I am looking for a way to increase the expiration time of my saml messages. I use Spring Security with SAML 1.0.0-RC2.

At this moment, if the servers** time are too different, e.g. 5 minutes, I got following error:

HTTP Status 401 - Authentication Failed:Error validating SAML message: SAML response is not valid; nested exception is org.opensaml.common.SAMLException: SAML response is not valid

I want to set the expiration time to 10 minutes, to prevent those errors. I have been looking at the documentation, but I don't understand how to change the expiration time. If I look at the Configuration authentication object section, one would be able to change the expiration time but I fail to grasp the idea.

Could somebody help me out?

** My server (SP) and server of the customer (IDP, most likely a server with ADFS installed).

Shooting in the dark:

bean now looks like following code:

<bean class="org.springframework.security.saml.SAMLAuthenticationProvider" id="samlAuthenticationProvider">
<property ref="userDetailsService" name="userDetails"/>

Could I add a reference to the
class there? And then call the constructor at line 53?

Answer Source

After Stefan's anwser, I knew where to look! Actually the docs did describe this thing, I just didn't pick it up: 10.3 Validity intervals. Cheers to Stefan for pointing out the responseSkew property!

Just add the property responseSkew to the WebSSOProfileConsumerImpl and SingleLogoutProfileImpl beans:

<bean id="webSSOprofileConsumer" class="org.springframework.security.saml.websso.WebSSOProfileConsumerImpl">
    <property name="responseSkew" value="600"/> <!-- 10 minutes -->

<bean id="logoutprofile" class="org.springframework.security.saml.websso.SingleLogoutProfileImpl">
    <property name="responseSkew" value="600"/> <!-- 10 minutes -->
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