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Laravel how to add new field in query result

How can I add new field in each item, I have used put but it only add on the last item.

return self::where('latest', 1)
->get(['teamName','played','won','lost','percentage', 'streak'])
->put('test', ['123', '345'])


"0": {"teamName": "A"},
"1": {"teamName": "B"},
"2": {"teamName": "C", "test": ['123', '345']},

Expected output:

"0": {"teamName": "A", "test": "qwerty"},
"1": {"teamName": "B", "test": "qwerty"},
"2": {"teamName": "C", "test": "qwerty"},

Answer Source

you can use map()

->map(function ($item) {
  $item['test'] = ['123', '345'];
  return $item;
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