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How to change font size for JMeter?

I am using JMeter with 2.13 version.

I want to increase font size for JMeter.

I have tried following question jmeter test plan navigation pane font size. However for 2.13 version doesn't have


Here is a picture, how it looks now:

enter image description here

How to change font size for JMeter
test plan

Answer Source
  1. In order to get src folder you need to download JMeter source code separately, i.e. from here. Unpack the folder and make required changes
  2. You will need Apache Ant to build JMeter. Install it and make sure that %ANT_HOME%/bin folder is added to your system PATH variable
  3. Build JMeter using next 2 commands:

    • ant download_jars
    • ant package
  4. Now your should be able to run JMeter with increased font from apache-jmeter-2.13/bin folder like:

    jmeter -Djmeter.dialog.font=20 .....

    or ir you want to make font size change permanent add the next line to file (located in JMeter's "bin" folder)


    JMeter restart will be required to pick the property up. See Apache JMeter Properties Customization Guide for more information regarding JMeter properties usage.

If you trust me and Bitbucket hosting you can take the risk and get compiled binary with aforementioned change from

and dropping it to /lib/ext folder of your JMeter installation, however downloading binaries of unknown origin is not recommended (your PC can become a member of a botnet or someone's bitcoin mining farm) so it's better to take above 4 steps.

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