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Python Question

Eclipse XLRD, XLWT Import Error

I downloaded the latest Enthought EPD python distribution (academic), which comes with python 2.7.
I am using Eclipse as my IDE.

Eclipse is set up to use this instance of Python. I ran the "" example file under XLWT.


from xlwt import Workbook
w = Workbook()
ws = w.add_sheet('Image')
ws.insert_bitmap('python.bmp', 0, 0)'images.xls')

and Eclipse returned:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "C:\Documents and Settings\Username\workspace\XLRDXLWT\src\xlwt\", line 1, in
from xlwt import Workbook
ImportError: cannot import name Workbook

Similar problem with any other example I try to run in XLRD, XLUTILS.

Answer Source

Yes, indeed, "someone" helped you with the answer.

It's nothing to do with xlrd, xlwt, xlutils, or Eclipse.

In general, if you put a script that does import foo into a directory named foo, Python is likely to try to import foo from that directory, and fail.

Solution: Don't do that. Rename your script directory to foo_examples or foo_scripts or suchlike.

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