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MySQL Question

How to loop within a for loop to get multiple values with the same ID

I want to get some data from a MySql database which has the same ID but different values. see the image (this is just a sample)
Although the venue styles are different, I want to pull all the styles with the same ID. I'm using a foreach loop to get the data from the database.

How can I improve my code to achieve what I want.

$myrows = $wpdb->get_results( "SELECT vf_venues.title, vf_venues.mainimage,
vf_venues.permalink, vf_venuestyles.slug
FROM vf_venues
LEFT JOIN vf_venuestyles ON vf_venuestyles.vid=vf_venues.vid WHERE
vf_venuestyles.vid=vf_venues.vid" );?>

<div class="venue-list venue-grid">

foreach ( $myrows as $myrow ) {
//pull the data from the DB
$venueName = $myrow->title;
$mainImage = $myrow->mainimage;
$permalink = $myrow->permalink;
$slug = $myrow->slug;
$vid = $myrow->vid;

<li class="venue-block block">
<div class="venue-img">
<a href="<?php echo $permalink; ?>">
<img src="<?php echo $mainImage; ?>">
<div class="venue-details"><h2><?php echo $venueName; ?></h2></div>
<?php echo $slug; ?>
<?php echo $vid; ?>


Raj Raj
Answer Source

I managed to fix this by creating a for loop within the existing for loop. I then created a sql query to pull the venue styles for that venue.

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