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Heroku NodeJS Help – Push rejected, no Cedar-supported app detected

Need help on deploying a nodeJS app to Heroku please. I have my Procfile and Package.son file. This is what I am getting...

remote: Building source: remote:

remote: -----> Fetching custom git
buildpack... done

remote: ! Push rejected, no Cedar-supported app detected
remote: HINT: This occurs when Heroku cannot detect the build pack
remote: to use for this application automatically.
remote: See

The message doesn't make sense to me as it says fetching build pack done..what else am I missing? Any suggestions please?


Answer Source

It sounds like you've set a custom buildpack. It's usually best, with node, to just use the official buildpack:

heroku buildpack:unset

Once you set that and push, it won't say "fetching custom buildpack," but rather it will tell you that it detected a node.js app. If it doesn't detect a node.js app, that means that your app is missing its package.json file (lowercase).

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