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I want to redirect to another page if a condition in javascript is true

I am developing a desktop app with Adobe AIR. I want to redirect to another page if internet connection is present, and do nothing if internet connection is not present.

Following is the code I am using for detecting internet connection. The following code displays "Please wait" if internet connection is present, and "Internet connection is unavailable" if internet is not connected.


<!doctype html>
function CheckOnlineStatus(msg) {
var status = document.getElementById("status");
var condition = navigator.onLine ? "Please wait" : "Internet connection is unavailable";
var state = document.getElementById("state");
state.innerHTML = condition;

function Pageloaded() {
document.body.addEventListener("offline", function () {
}, false);
document.body.addEventListener("online", function () {
}, false);

<body onload="Pageloaded()">
<div id="status">
<p id="state">

Please suggest required additions or changes to redirect to "" if
is true.

Answer Source
     window.location.href = "";

window.location is an object which exists as a property of window. href is a property of window.location which indicates the URL of your current page. You can redirect by assigning a URL to window.location.href.

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