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How to delete a django JWT token?

I am using the Django rest framework JSON Web token API that is found here on github (

I can successfully create tokens and use them to call protected REST APis. However, there are certain cases where I would like to delete a specific token before its expiry time. So I thought to do this with a view like:

class Logout(APIView):
permission_classes = (IsAuthenticated, )
authentication_classes = (JSONWebTokenAuthentication, )

def post(self, request):
# simply delete the token to force a login
request.auth.delete() # This will not work
return Response(status=status.HTTP_200_OK)

is simply a string object. So, this is of course, not going to work but I was not sure how I can clear the underlying token.


Reading more about this, it seems that I do not need to do anything as nothing is ever stored on the server side with JWT. So just closing the application and regenerating the token on the next login is enough. Is that correct?

Answer Source

Yes, it's correct to say that JWT tokens are not stored in the database. What you want, though, is to invalidate a token based on user activity, which doesn't seem to be possible ATM.

So, you can do what you suggested in your question, or redirect the user to some token refreshing endpoint, or even manually create a new token.

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