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R igraph: Scaling node size

I currently use following script to create a plot for betweenness centrality:

rescale = FALSE,
edge.color= edge_color,
vertex.size= degree(g)*0.5,
main="Degree Centrality"

As you can see, I currently use a simple multiplier to adjust
. As some nodes are really big and some seem too small, I would like to set a range with a minimum and maximum size. Of course, that range should consider degree(g).

Is that somehow possible?

Note: Attempts with
scale (degree(g), 5, 15)
or similar did not work: "Error in symbols(x = coords[, 1], y = coords[, 2], bg = vertex.color, :
invalid symbol parameter"

Answer Source

To rescale numbers, x, with a domain of (a,b) to a range of (c,d) you need to make a rescaling function like:

rescale = function(x,a,b,c,d){c + (x-a)/(b-a)*(d-c)}

So then if you have degree sizes from 0 to 200, and want your vertex sizes to range from 1 to 5 units, specify the vertex size with:

rescale(degree(g), 0, 200, 1, 5)

This is just a simple linear transformation - you might want something non-linear for better visuals.

You might find a rescale function in a package somewhere (like the rescale function in the scales package), but its not what scale does!

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