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How do I create a help overlay like you see in a few Android apps and ICS?

I am wanting to create help overlays like the ones you see when ICS loads for the first time or in apps like ES File Explorer or Apex Launcher (there are more, but I can't think of them right now). Is this just a relative layout with one view sitting on top of the other? I haven't been able to find any sample code for doing such a thing. Anyone know how this is done or have any ideas?

ES File Explorer
ES File Explorer

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Let's assume you ordinarily would call setContentView(R.layout.main), but on first run, you want to have this overlay.

Step #1: Create a FrameLayout in Java code and pass that to setContentView().

Step #2: Use LayoutInflater to inflate R.layout.main into the FrameLayout.

Step #3: Use LayoutInflater to inflate the overlay into the FrameLayout.

Step #4: When the user taps the button (or whatever) to dismiss the overlay, call removeView() to remove the overlay from the FrameLayout.

Since the overlay is a later child of the FrameLayout, it will float over top of the contents of R.layout.main.