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What does "this" refer to in arrow functions in ES6?

I've read in several places that the key difference is that "

is lexically bound in arrow functions." That's all well and good, but I don't actually know what that means.

I know it means it's unique within the confines of the braces defining the function's body, but I couldn't actually tell you the output of the following code, because I have no idea what
is referring to, unless it's referring to the fat arrow function itself....which doesn't seem useful.

var testFunction = () => { console.log(this) };

Answer Source

Arrow functions capture the this value of the enclosing context

function Person(){
  this.age = 0;

  setInterval(() => {
    this.age++; // |this| properly refers to the person object
  }, 1000);

var p = new Person();

So, to directly answer your question, this inside your arrow function would have the same value as it did right before the arrow function was assigned.

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