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Apache POI : API to identify tables in the excel sheet and read them

Is there any method which returns a list of tables present in the sheet?
My requirement is to fetch data from multiple tables present on the sheet.


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Let's assume that you are using the XSSF API for .xlsx excel files. If the tables were created by Insert->Table then you can read them by using this :

XSSFWorkbook workbook = new XSSFWorkbook(new File("test.xlsx"));
int numberOfSheets = workbook.getNumberOfSheets();
for(int sheetIdx = 0; sheetIdx < numberOfSheets; sheetIdx++) {
    XSSFSheet sheet = workbook.getSheetAt(sheetIdx);
    List<XSSFTable> tables = sheet.getTables();
    for(XSSFTable t : tables) {

If by table you mean anything that has a border then you have to create a non-trivial algorithm that reads all the cells of every sheet and checks the boundaries (e.g. leftBorderColor, rightBorderColor, topBorderColor, bottomBorderColor) and by defining what consists a table check if you've found it.

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