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HTML Question

Is it valid to put stylesheets before the closing body tag if using critical CSS in the head?

I have to follow a Google advise to first load critical CSS inline in the header then load other styles. Some articles advice to load other styles asynchronously with the help of JS, however I wonder if I can simply place them before the closing

tag? Is it going to affect rendering negatively (taken that the above the fold styles are already loaded)?

<!-- Critical CSS goes here to display what's above the fold -->
<link rel="stylesheet" ... >

Answer Source

In HTML5.0 the <link> element is only allowed in the <head>:

If the rel attribute is used, the element is restricted to the head element.

(Note also the previous line: "A link element must have a rel attribute".)

But the HTML5.2 working draft relaxes this requirement:

Keywords that are body-ok affect whether link elements are allowed in the body. The body-ok keywords defined by this specification are prefetch, and stylesheet.

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