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SQL Question

How do you determine if an insert or update was successful using Java and MySQL?

I am using Java to connect to a MySQL database. I am trying to insert or update data into the database.

Even though I am quite sure the insert was successful, it returns false.

According to the "execute" API, the return value is "true if the first result is a ResultSet object; false if it is an update count or there are no results".

How can I determine whether or not my insert or update was successful?

public boolean insertSelections(String selection, String name){
String sql ="INSERT INTO WORKREPORT VALUES (?,?,?,?,?)";
boolean action = false;
try {
PreparedStatement stmt = conn.prepareStatement(sql);
SimpleDateFormat dateFormat = new java.text.SimpleDateFormat("yyyy:MM:dd hh:mm:ss");
String formatDate = dateFormat.format(new java.util.Date(System.currentTimeMillis()));
java.util.Date mDate = dateFormat.parse(formatDate);
java.sql.Timestamp timeStamp = new java.sql.Timestamp(System.currentTimeMillis());
// Date time= new Date(mDate.getTime());

stmt.setInt(1, Integer.parseInt(getNumberByName(name).trim()));
stmt.setString(2, name);
// stmt.setDate(3, time);
stmt.setTimestamp(3, timeStamp);
stmt.setString(4, selection);
stmt.setString(5, "N/A");
action = stmt.execute();
} catch (SQLException e) {
// TODO Auto-generated catch block
} catch (ParseException e) {
// TODO Auto-generated catch block
return action;

Answer Source

Since you are using PreparedStatement you can call executeUpdate() -

 int count = stmt.executeUpdate();
 action = (count > 0); // <-- something like this.

From the Javadoc (Returns) link above, emphasis added,

either (1) the row count for SQL Data Manipulation Language (DML) statements or (2) 0 for SQL statements that return nothing.

If you want to insert a large number of entries, I would prefer addBatch() and executeBatch().

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