Java Question

How to properly roll back to an older version in CVS HEAD using Eclipse?

I have a CVS repository in which I have a set of Eclipse Java projects where I need to roll HEAD back to the state it was at a specific time yesterday essentially abandoning all commits happened since said time.

I've tried different things, including using "Replace with another branch or version" which gives the proper sources, but where it appears that CVS now thinks I'm actually working "back in time" instead of in HEAD but with other sources which result in changed files showing up in Team Synchronize etc. Also commits tells me I'm working on a sticky tag and fails.

So, what is the proper way to tell Eclipse 3.5.1 that I need to rollback HEAD to yesterday?

Answer Source

I ended up manually merging the files up in HEAD and very, very carefully checking in the sources. This was no fun.

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