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AngularJS : How to pass data from directive to controllers function

I'm trying to pass some data from directive into a function

in my controller.

$scope.addTrackFromPicker = function (message) {
console.log("addTrackFromPicker", message);

Here what I have in my directive

dir.directive('youtubeList', function($http, $timeout, YT_event){
return {
restrict: 'E',
scope: {
search: '=',
dial: '&'
templateUrl: 'youtube-list.html',

Here I want to call controllers function from my template and pass it
as argument:

<div class="media list-group-item" ng-repeat="item in entries">
<a type="button" ng-click="dial(item.id.$t)">
<img ng-src="{{item.media$group.media$thumbnail[0].url}}">

But I don't know how to pass it into my tag

<youtube-list search="search" dial="addTrackFromPicker(???)"></youtube-list>

I also tried
but it didnt work

Answer Source

In order to pass in your data from your directive, you will need to do it like this:

<youtube-list search="search" dial="addTrackFromPicker(data)"></youtube-list>

Then, in your template:

<div class="media list-group-item" ng-repeat="item in entries">
    <a type="button" ng-click="dial({data: item.id.$t})">
        <img  ng-src="{{item.media$group.media$thumbnail[0].url}}">

You can use an "argument name" other than data if something else makes more sense for your situation. See Angular's documentation on scope for detailed info on how this works.

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