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MySQL Question

Some columns are hidden in phpMyAdmin

I have about 11 columns in a mysql table and none of them are empty. When I view these columns in the Browse section, some columns are hidden whereas I'm sure they exist.

I have updated phpMyAdmin to latest version (4.1.5) but that did not solve anything. I also exported the table, dropped it and imported it again but nothing changed.

How do I make all the columns visible?

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You could look in the exported file to double-check that they exist there.

Another thing to try; from the table, click the SQL tab. The default text will probably say SELECT * FROM `tablename` WHERE 1, try running that and see if you get any different response.

If you click the Structure tab, do you see the columns that are hidden?

Do you have access to the command-line client? If so, can you test showing the table structure there to see if it's different than displayed by phpMyAdmin?

Edit: Have you tried a different browser?

Marc Delisle points out that the column may be hidden within phpMyAdmin; in the Browse tab look to the left of the column headers, there's a T with two arrows -- to the right of that is a small dropdown arrow. Make sure all your columns are selected there. It's doubtful this is the cause of your problem, because you dropped the table and recreated it, but it's the next thing to check.

Can you copy the table to another database for testing, verify that the problem exists there, then truncate the table (remove all data, see the Operations tab to do this), and see if it continues (that will help determine whether it's the structure or the data causing the problem)?

Can you try to export the structure only and recreate the problem on the demo server (log in with the username root and a blank password)? Can you post the structure here? Make sure you obscure any sensitive information if needed.

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