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ASP.NET (C#) Question

aspx page asks me to open or save in all the browsers

I run IIS 8 on the server and configured my application to run in 4.0 in pipeline mode: integrated and added the mime type to add .aspx extension and whenever i try to view my .aspx pages, the browsers asks me to open or save the file. But the html files open up without any issues.

I have no clue why i am not able to open my .aspx pages.


Ron Ron
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I resolved my issue - I am not sure whether this would apply to others, but i created a new website in VS2010, unlike i did as a project, earlier, and copied all my files, except the web.config into this newly created website and then created a new virtual directory in IIS 8 and mapped the folder in wwwroot and converted that to an application and now, my IIS serves the .aspx pages without any issues.

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