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XML to Java Object

I am trying to convert an XML file to a Java Object, now, I have read of JAXB, XStream, Sax and DOM, I'd like to convert this sort of type of xml:

<testxml testtype="converting" duration="100.00" status="successful" />

it might be as well as:

<testxml testype="converting" duration="100.00"> successful </textxml>

I wanted to know if there is anything out there (and possibly not 3rd party) that I can use, without declaring a template in DTD or in JAXB in XSD but Java (therefore I will declare a java class called testxml with all the relevant variable i.e. testtype, duration, status>

Thank you all for your time.

Answer Source

The class below using JAXB Annotations will do exactly what you need, no need to create an XSD or a template using Java 1.6+:

public class TestXML {
  private String testtype;
  private double duration;
  private String status;

  public void setTesttype(String testtype) {
    this.testtype = testtype;
  public String getTesttype() {
    return testtype;
  public void setDuration(double duration) {
    this.duration = duration;
  public double getDuration() {
    return duration;
  public void setStatus(String status) {
    this.status = status;
  public String getStatus() {
    return status;

  public static void main(String args[]) {
    TestXML test = JAXB.unmarshal(new File("test.xml"), TestXML.class);

    System.out.println("testtype = " + test.getTesttype());
    System.out.println("duration = " + test.getDuration());
    System.out.println("status = " + test.getStatus());

Using this as test.xml:

<testxml testtype="converting" duration="100.00"> successful </testxml>
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