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Git Question

Should I publish every code on gitHub?

I have a stupid question. but, I really need someone to clarify something about gitHub. Basically, I know what gitHub is and for what people use it.

My question is, Shall I publish every code which I want to be published and put there?For example, if I did website for a customer, shall I publish this code on gitHub?

I heard from some people that, I should publish everything,If I did that employers could see and give me a job for example.
I'm new at this,so I really don't want to do something that I shouldn't.



That's completely up to you and your clients. GitHub is mostly public, and some clients may not want all their code there for everyone to see. You can pay for private, if a client asks for it to be private, but again, it's up to them.

If it's your own code for a project etc, then go ahead (or class work, as long as it won't be copied by other students).