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SugarCRM invalid request in google maps

I am using SugarCRM with several registered accounts.
Each of the accounts have registered billing addresses and related information that are thrown into an embedded google map as parameters and displayed under a tab called Location Map.

The embedded URL looks like this:{billing_address_street},
{billing_address_city}, {billing_address_postalcode}, {billing_address_country}

This works fine for some addresses but it returns an error (The Google Maps API server rejected your request. Invalid request. Missing the 'q' parameter.) when using others.
Link to a comparison, the second URL is invalid

The second link is invalid since it has amp; where it isn't supposed to be. Does somebody know why this happens and how I can prevent it?

Answer Source

Unfortunately, we didn't know what caused this problem but we settled on solving this issue by formatting the embedded URL explicitly.

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