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Aurelia: sanity check template html?

I recently asked why self-closing elements do not work in Aurelia's templating system; and it was because self-closing elements are invalid html.

Yet, today I again made the same mistake (with widgets this time) and was left scratching my head why content was missing.

Question: Is there a away to sanitise Aurelia template html in a gulp task?

I've tried using:

  • gulp-htmlhint
    : couldn't get it to error on self-closed elements

  • gulp-htmllint
    : couldn't configure it; with default settings it blows up with errors.

  • gulp-html5-lint
    : doesn't look configurable and it hates aurelia's attributes.

Answer Source

We can solve the issue of finding and of reporting self-closing elements with parse5. It has a SAXParser class that should be quite robust (parse5 conforms to html5 standards). The parser raises an event, upon finding a start-tags, that contains a boolean as to whether the found tag self closes.

var parser = new SAXParser();

parser.on("startTag", (name, attrs, selfClosing)=>{
        //check if name is void, if not report error       


To make use of this functionality I have set up a project that can be used in order to help sanitize html using the above approach. The developed lint tool is able to run a selection of Rules, collect any errors and return them as a Promise. This can then be reported to the user.

Vanilla Html/Templates

template-lint forms the base of the tool-set. It comprises of the Linter, and a couple of basic rules:

  • SelfClose - ensure non-void elements do not self-close
  • Parser - returns errors for unclosed or ill-matched elements, as captured during parsing

gulp-template-lint is the gulp wrapper for template-lint and can be used like so:

var gulp = require('gulp');
var linter = require('gulp-template-lint');

gulp.task('build-html', function () {
    return gulp.src(['source/**/*.html'])


Given the following html:



enter image description here

Note: the self-closed <rect/> does not produce an error. svg elements contains xml and Rules can differentiate based on scope.

Aurelia Templates

I initially made aurelia-template-lint, but decided to split out the reusable (outside of aurelia) components into template-lint. While both are currently separate, I will have the aurelia-template-lint extend upon template-lint in due course. Currently has a few proof-of-concept rules:

  • SelfClose - ensure non-void elements do not self-close
  • Parser - returns errors for unclosed or ill-matched elements, as captured during parsing
  • Template - ensure root is a template element, and no more than one template element present
  • RouterView - don't allow router-view element to contain content elements
  • Require - ensure require elments have a 'from' attribute

there is a gulp wrapper that can be installed via:

npm install gulp-aurelia-template-lint

and used in a gulp build:

var linter = require('gulp-aurelia-template-lint');

gulp.task('lint-template-html', function () {
    return gulp.src('**/*.html')

this will use the default set of rules.


a simple test with the following ill-formed aurelia template:

<template bindable="items">
<require from="foo"/>
<require frm="foo"/>





enter image description here


there are lots of improvements needed; for instance there are a few ways to define vanilla templates without the <template> tag. There are also quite a few specific attributes introduced by Aurelia that could be sanitised.