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How to insert values direct into zabbix Mysql Database

I need help with a Zabbix problem, I need to insert data with timestamp once in a day.

But I need to insert this data in the past moment

I have the algorithm to only brings me the number like ex:

Bring only the room number in data 08/27, but i need to insert this number into the Mysql (Maria DB) Database from zabbix.

The output will be like that:

data: 08/27 room: 12456 mobile: 9456
data: 08/28 room: 13770 mobile: 10350
data: 08/29 room: 10380 mobile: 11728
data: 08/30 room: 14560 mobile: 5845

Thanks in advance

Answer Source

there is a way to do it without using a file.

echo - Minutos_Sala ${convert[@]} ${room_minutes[$i]} | /usr/local/bin/zabbix_sender -z -p 10051 -s "Host name" -T -i - -vv

With this command you can insert a Value In a specific date inside the zabbix trapper item.

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