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AppleScript Question

save contact's profile picture using JavaScript for Automation

I would like to write the profile picture of a contact to a file.

1) how to read TIFF image?

The dictionary describes the image property:

image (*TIFFPicture* or missing value) : Image for person.

In the dictionary TIFFPicture is a link, but when I click it there's no additional information.
When reading it the value seems to be
How do I read it as an image?

2) how to write TIFF image?

When writing it to a file, what format should be specified?
The dictionary says:
[as: type class] : how to write the data: as text, data, list, etc.

In case
is needed for writing an image, what type should be specified? When I use e.g.
as: 'data'
the error is "Can't convert types".


var app = Application.currentApplication();
app.includeStandardAdditions = true;

myPeople = Application("Contacts").people.whose({ _and: [{lastName: "Doe" },{firstName: "John"}] });

for (i in myPeople) {
person = myPeople[i];

if (person.image() == null) continue;

var data = person.image();

var file = Path("/var/tmp/test.tiff");

app.openForAccess(file, { writePermission: true });
app.setEof(file, {to:0} ); // reset length
app.write(data, {
to: file,
//as: 'data',


// result: file with 2 bytes ("<>")

Answer Source

Here is the JavaScript version, using the Objective C bridge and AddressBook framework. Bonus: conversion to PNG.


person = $.ABAddressBook.addressBook.me
filename = $("~/Desktop/"+ person.displayName.js +".png").stringByExpandingTildeInPath.js

image = $.NSImage.alloc.initWithData(person.imageData)
imageData = $.NSBitmapImageRep.imageRepWithData(image.TIFFRepresentation)
png = imageData.representationUsingTypeProperties($.NSPNGFileType, $())
png.writeToFileAtomically(filename, false)  
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