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ggplot2 graph and overriding

I have recently started using

so, I once again apologize for posting basic question.

I read about this code in one of the help pages. This code nicely plots line graph and the average with red dot:

ggplot(mpg, aes(trans, cty)) +
geom_point() +
stat_summary(geom = "point", fun.y = "mean", colour = "red", size = 4)

I thought of simplifying this a bit by overriding the contents of
and using

ggplot(mpg, aes(trans, cty)) +
geom_point(stat = "summary", fun.y = "mean", colour = "red", size = 4) +

However, the above code doesn't work. Can someone please help me why above code doesn't work? Specifically, it only plots the red dot (mean point). I don't see the scatterplot although I have used

Pj_ Pj_
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Because ggplot() defines aes(), but you are overriding them using the geom layer.

In the first case, geom_point() completes the plotting of the points, and stat_summary() did the part of adding summary statistics layer to your graph.

But, when you define stat = "summary", you tell geom_point() to plot summary statistics instead of the data points.

Head over the ggplot2 documentation and read how mapping works within this ecosystem:

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