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xcode 4.3.2 archive build not creating dsym

I have an old project developed with Xcode 4, i remember doing xarchive on Xcode which generated dsym properly. but on the latest version that is x 4.3.2 the xarchive created doesn't have the dsym file. i verified the setting these setting

  1. dwarf with dsym for both debug and release

what else is causing issue, is there any other setting which i should take care ? please advice a way to fix this issue.

note: i selecting archive-debug and not archive release in the scheme. thanks.

Answer Source

Verify that the Generate Debug Symbols are set to YES in Build Settings. Make sure you clean your target before compiling. After doing so, make sure you're looking for the .dSYM in the right location.

  • Right Click Archive from Organizer and Show In Finder
  • Right click .xarchive File and Show Package Contents
  • Navigate to dSYMs directory.
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