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Android Emulator SDK cannot access internet - web page not available. DNS not resolving; IP Address of URL works

I've been having issues with Android Emulator SDK It's actually occurring on all versions and resolutions. The error I'm having is URLs cannot be resolved by the DNS. If I type in the IP Address for, say, Google, it works. It's definitely a DNS issue. I am using the Android Virtual Device Manager; I am NOT using Eclipse, Netbeans, or some other IDE for testing. Is there a way to resolve this through the AVDM GUI, perhaps utilizing the Hardware Property/Value pairs?

Thank you very much.

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Actually, I found a better answer. The problem was resolved when I changed the nic adpater binding order. I don't know why this was an issue, since I did not touch the binding order at any time, since working with the Android Emulator SDK.

I'm running a Winbox; so, for those users, goto Control Panel -> Network Connections -> Advanced -> Advanced Settings -> Adapters and Binders -> Connections.


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