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Twig/Symfony2 : multiples roles with is_granted

I want to know if a user has the 'VIEW_GEOLOC_DATA' role, but I have a problem using the twig function


If I use in a template :

Roles : {{ dump(app.user.getRoles()) }}
is_granted('ROLE_SUPER_ADMIN') : {{ dump(is_granted('ROLE_SUPER_ADMIN')) }}
is_granted('VIEW_GEOLOC_DATA') : {{ dump(is_granted('VIEW_GEOLOC_DATA')) }}

This is what I get when rendering :

array(2) {
string(16) "ROLE_SUPER_ADMIN"
string(16) "VIEW_GEOLOC_DATA"
is_granted('ROLE_SUPER_ADMIN') : bool(true)
is_granted('VIEW_GEOLOC_DATA') : bool(false)

I've tried to logging in and out, emptying symfony's cache.

I also tried to switch the order of roles in the array returned by the method getRoles() of my User : the function is_granted will only take into account the first role of the array

Answer Source

I ended up creating a new method hasRole in my User Class :

public function hasRole($role)
    return in_array($role, $this->getRoles());

Then, in a template, I use:

{% if app.user.hasRole('ROLE_VIEW_GEOLOC_DATA') %}
    {# do something #}
{% endif %}

EDIT: As @JonnyS said, it may be possible that roles must start with ROLE_ to work with is_granted Symfony's function. Didn't tested.

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