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polymer-textarea doesn't appear when it seems to me it should

This is the code:

<link rel="import" href="../../bower_components/paper-dropdown-menu/paper-dropdown-menu.html">
<link rel="import" href="../../bower_components/paper-listbox/paper-listbox.html">
<link rel="import" href="../../bower_components/paper-item/paper-item.html">
<link rel="import" href="../../bower_components/paper-input/paper-input.html">

<dom-module id="journal-entry">
<paper-dropdown-menu label="Choose tag">
<paper-listbox class="dropdown-content">
<template is="dom-repeat" items="{{journal_tags}}">
<paper-textarea label="journal_entry_text_area">
(function() {
'use strict';

is: 'journal-entry',
ready : function(){

I am expecting for the paper-textarea item to appear, but it doesn't. Only the dropdown shows up in testing.

One idea that I have is that it may not be imported properly, but the import for paper-input is all that I have found in the documentation.

Another idea that I have is that mabe I should have defined some width and height styling for the paper-textarea item? But that doesn't show up in the documentation either.

Answer Source

I think

<link rel="import" href="../../bower_components/paper-input/paper-input.html">

should be changed to

<link rel="import" href="../../bower_components/paper-input/paper-textarea.html">
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