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C# Question

exclude something from foreach loop

Is there a way to exclude something from a foreach loop. I am reading a bunch of registry keys and there is one folder which has no read permissions so it errors out and nullifies the foreach loop.

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Well, if you could check first if you got the permissions to do something


 public static bool CanReadKey(this RegistryPermission reg, string key)
            RegistryPermission r = new RegistryPermission(RegistryPermissionAccess.Read, key);
            return true;
        catch (SecurityException)
            return false;

foreach (var key in keys){
    if(!CanReadKey(registry, key)){ continue; }

    // do stuff ...

This might help you, take a look at it.

If you really want to exclude it from the loop, you could take a look at Lambda where you can filter first before running it.

It would look something like this (pseudocode)

foreach(var key in keys.where(x => CanReadKey(registry, x))){
    // do stuff
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