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R Question

R + combine a list of vectors into a single vector

I have a single list of numeric vector and I want to combine them into one vector. But I am unable to do that. This list can have one element common across the list element. Final vector should not add them twice. Here is an example:

[1] 1 2
[2] 2 4 5
[3] 5 9 1

I want final result as this

[1] 1 2 4 5 9 1

I tried doing following things, without worrying about the repition:

>sapply(lst, append,vec)


>sapply(lst, c, vec)

None of them worked. Can someone help me on this?


Answer Source

A solution that is faster than the one proposed above:

vec[which(c(1,diff(vec)) != 0)]

This is faster than the one proposed above.

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