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R Question

Source a file into R

In the book A first course in statistical programming with R by W. John Braun and Duncan J. Murdoch, there's an exercise asking :

Use a text editor to create a file consisting of the line
randomdata <-
c(64, 38, 97, 88, 24, 14, 14, 104, 83)
. Save it to a file called

In my opinion, I've succeed this exercise. I used the software TextEdit, I wrote the command
randomdata <- c(64, 38, 97, 88, 24, 14, 14, 104, 83)
and I saved the file as
. Did I do it right?

The second question, they ask the question :

Source the file
into R and confirm the
was created.

Could anyone be able to explain to me what is asked for? Some hints would be sufficient.

P.S. I'm using a Macbook Pro 2012.

Answer Source

1) Yes you did it right.

2) You simply have to use source to execute all the codes lines that are in your file. In this case: source('randomdata') (assuming you created it in your working directory).

Note: it's better to name your file randomdata.R.

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