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Objective-C Question

How do I convert Objective-C array of pointers to Swift?


these are two declarations of array of pointers:

NSArray<MTKMesh *> *mtkMeshes;
NSArray<MDLMesh *> *mdlMeshes;

I am struggling declaring the equivalent in
Swift 3.0

Answer Source

MTKMesh and MDLMesh are classes (reference types). A variable of type MTKMesh in Swift is a reference to an object instance, i.e. what a variable of type MTKMesh * is in Objective-C.

Therefore you can simply declare

var mtkMeshes: [MTKMesh] = []
var mdlMeshes: [MDLMesh] = []

Each element of the array is a reference to an object instance:

let mesh1 = MDLMesh()
let mesh2 = MDLMesh()

print(mdlMeshes[0] === mdlMeshes[1]) // true
print(mdlMeshes[0] === mdlMeshes[2]) // false

The first two array elements reference the same object instance, the last array element references a different instance. (=== is the "identical-to" operator).

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