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Python Question

How to use Python3.2 with Dreampie? [UBUNTU]

I have a question.

I try to learn Python and of all programmer's tools I found Dreampie the most suitable. But, my dreampie always automatically sets Python 2.7. I found this topic and following the instructions, I changed both and subp_main.pyc (based on the first). Yet, it's still Python 2.7.

Telling truth, I suppose there should be some way to choose between the two versions, but I did not found anything in the Net or in program options. According to this topic writing "dreampie python3" inside the program should work, but dreampie inform me that the syntax is invalid (?).

[I quess the solution is very easy, but none of searchable things would help...]

Answer Source

You need to open a Terminal window (or Run dialog Alt+F2) and type in the command as follows and press Enter:

dreampie python3

It's not python syntax but shell syntax so you are running the dreampie application with python3 as argument.

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