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C# Action Delegates and EF Repository Scope Issues

I have a Wrapper method on a WebApi Controller that exposes and Action Delegate. I use it to talk to the service layer. The Action passes a UnitOfWork that has my EF Repositories for the models

The problem is when I try populate a model passed from the controller to service, the changes, while they apply at the service layer, do not reflect on the Controller. However the commented out approach does work and I do not understand why

//In controller
Unit(uw => officeService.Get3(uw, user, User.Identity.GetUserId().ToString()));
return Ok(user);
//the returned user does not have changes applied

public void Get3(UnitOfWork uw, Member model, string id, string include = null)
object m = uw.MemberRepository.Get(u => u.UserId == id).FirstOrDefault();
model = (Member)m;
//model.Created = m.Created;
//model.ExpiryInDays = m.ExpiryInDays;
// and so on...

Answer Source

The reference to model is passed by value, so changing assigning to model in Get3 won't have any effect on the caller. You can either pass by ref:

public void Get3(UnitOfWork uw, ref Member model, string id, string include = null)

Or return it (as you seem to be ignoring the parameter anyway).

public Member Get3(UnitOfWork uw, string id, string include = null)
    // ...
    return model;

This would require an overload of Unit that accepts a Func and returns the result.

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