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Facebook SDK - iOS - Fail to share URL (Error 102)

I am trying to integrate a simple URL Share on my App, following the dedicated Facebook tutorial (link)

On my app, I simply click on a button, which displays a dialog where I can type in a comment.
This part works find. Yet, when I click on "Post", I get the following error :

Error Domain=com.facebook.Facebook.platform Code=102 "The operation couldn’t be completed. (com.facebook.Facebook.platform error 102.)" UserInfo=0x14dd1a10 {error_message=Failed to authenticate the application because of app name mismatch. Please check the application name configured by the dialog., app_id=000000, error_code=102}

(In this message, I just replaced with zeroes the app_id I got from the Facebook developer page.)

On the Facebook app settings, I set the following as such :

  • "Display name" : the same name as the app name

  • "Bundle ID" with the string return by
    [[NSBundle mainBundle] bundleIdentifier];

  • The app is "live" (not in sandbox)

  • "Deep Linking" and "Connect to FB" : both activated

When I save my settings on the FB dev page, I get a warning saying that I did not set an AppStore identifier (which is not yet available since I am developing the app).

Can you please tell me the little thing that I did not do correctly ?

Thanks in advance for your reply.

I'll be happy to provide you with more info if necessary.

Answer Source

This usually comes from you setting the FacebookDisplayName in your .plist, but what you set there didn't match the name of your app in your app settings on Facebook.

The value you give in FacebookDisplayName must match what you have set on Facebook.

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