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angular 2 select options default value

I can't seem to work out how to easily set a value as the default value for a select dropdown list.

My current code

<select class="form-control" ngControl="modID" #modID="ngForm">
<option *ngFor="let module of modules" [value]="module._id">{{module.moduleName}}</option>

i have tried playing with the [selected] decorator but cannot work out how to get it to work.

given i have this modInst json object below:

"_id": 5,
"semester": "Tri 3",
"year": 2018,
"__v": 0,
"modID": [
"_id": 6,
"moduleLeader": "Jake Groves",
"moduleName": "Software Implementation",
"__v": 0

i would like the modInst.modID[0]._id to be selected from all the modules._id (modules) is whats populating the select list

any easy way of doing this?


i've tried adding
[selected]="module._id == modInst.modID[0]._id"
but i get no success on it making it the selected value

i've also tried
and it still doesn't select the module with id 6 in the list

one last addition ... i've tried a manual 'selected' and it still does not make a selected value upon load
[selected]="module._id == '7'"

Answer Source

You can use [(ngModel)] to do this.

<select [(ngModel)]="selectedModule">
     <option *ngFor="let module of modules" [value]="module._id">    {{module.moduleName}}/option>

For example

import { Component } from '@angular/core';

  selector: 'my-awsome-component',
  template: `
    <select [(ngModel)]="selectedModule">
     <option *ngFor="let module of modules" [value]="module._id">    {{module.moduleName}}/option>
export class MyAwesomeComponent {

modules: any[];
selectedModule: any = null;

  //load you modules set selectedModule to the on with the
  //id of modInst.modID[0]._id you can either loop or use .filter to find it.


Where you load the models from JSON in your component create a variable for the selectedModule and set the value equal to the module with the matching ID. See this answer here for an example of how to use ngModel on a select input:

Binding select element to object in Angular 2

Also selectedModule will reflect the value of the currently selected item if you need to enable / disable inputs etc based on a selection.

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