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Write data frame to Elastic Search with @timestamp

I am exploring the elastic R package to write a data frame to ElasticSearch.
I have using docs_bulk function.

One of the columns in my dataframe is @timestamp which is in POSIXct format.
But the field is getting saved in Elastic Search as string.
Any idea on how can I get the column saved in time format.

I also tried by manually created the index mapping with proper data type definition but it didn't work.

Please suggest.


R: 3.3.1

Elastic Search - 2.4.1
OS - Redhat

Answer Source

elastic doesn't try to capture data types from your input data.frame or list to docs_bulk() - We could think about trying to do that, but I imagine R data types wouldn't map exactly to Elasticsearch types - might play around with trying to map data types. Here's how I'd do it:


Dummy data.frame

df <- data.frame(
  date = as.POSIXct(seq(from = as.Date("2016-10-01"), 
                        to = as.Date("2016-10-31"), by = 'day')),
  num = 1:31

Create a mapping, either as a list or JSON string

mapping <- list(
  world = list(properties = list(
    date = list(
      type = "date",
      format = "yyyy-mm-dd HH:mm:ss"
    num = list(type = "long")

Make the index

index_create(index = "hello")

Create the mapping in the index

mapping_create(index = "hello", type = "world", body = mapping)

Get the mapping

#> $hello
#> $hello$mappings
#> $hello$mappings$world
#> $hello$mappings$world$properties
#> $hello$mappings$world$properties$date
#> $hello$mappings$world$properties$date$type
#> [1] "date"
#> $hello$mappings$world$properties$date$format
#> [1] "yyyy-mm-dd HH:mm:ss"
#> $hello$mappings$world$properties$num
#> $hello$mappings$world$properties$num$type
#> [1] "long"

Bulk load data.frame

docs_bulk(df, index = "hello", type = "world")

Search on the index

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