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MySQL Question

Having a bit of trouble with my AJAX POST request to my PHP file

I'm trying to provide data to my MYSQL Database using Ajax, however, for some reason my PHP file is not reading the JSON array that I post to the file. Within the array I also have a file to store an image on my server as well as my database.

Javascript file


// Give Data to PHP

// process the form
$('form').submit(function(event) {

// get the form data
// there are many ways to get this data using jQuery (you can use the class or id also)

//formData.append('tax_file', $('input[type=file]')[0].files[0]

var img = $('input[name=img]').prop('files')[0];
var name =,
tmp = img.tmp_name,
size = img.size,
form = $('input[name=form-submit]').val(),
myName = $('input[name=my-name]').val(),
desc = $('input[name=description]').val();

// document.write(name + tmp + size);

var formData = {
'form-submit' : form,
'my-name' : myName,
'description' : desc,
'img' : name,
'tmp_name' : tmp,
'size' : size

// document.write(JSON.stringify(formData));


// process the form
url : 'insert-bio.php', // the url where we want to POST
type : 'POST', // define the type of HTTP verb we want to use (POST for our form)
data : formData, // our data object
processData : false,
contentType : false,
dataType : 'json', // what type of data do we expect back from the server
encode : true

// using the done promise callback
.done(function(data) {

// log data to the console so we can see

// here we will handle errors and validation messages

// stop the form from submitting the normal way and refreshing the page


My PHP file


$conn = new Database();

echo explode(",", $_POST['data']);

// text data

$name = strip_tags($_POST['my-name']);
$desc = strip_tags($_POST['description']);

// picture stuff
$file = rand(1000,100000)."-".$_FILES['img']['name'];
$file_loc = $_FILES['img']['tmp_name'];
$file_size = $_FILES['img']['size'];
$file_type = $_FILES['img']['type'];

// folder for profile pic
$folder = "bio-pic/";

// new file size in KB
$new_size = $file_size/1024;

// make file name in lower case
$new_file_name = strtolower($file);

// final pic file
$final_file=str_replace(' ','-',$new_file_name);

// mysql query for form data
$sql="INSERT INTO bio(img, name, description) VALUES('$final_file', '$name', '$desc')";
} else {
echo "Need data";

$query = $conn->query("SELECT * FROM bio");
$parse_bio_json = json_encode($results);

file_put_contents('bio-DATA.json', $parse_bio_json);
echo $parse_bio_json;

The console shows that I have made contact with my PHP file, but it simply has not read any data.

The error on the PHP file:

Notice: Undefined index: data in /Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/htdocs/WEBSITE/BIO/insert-bio.php on line 8
Notice: Array to string conversion in /Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/htdocs/WEBSITE/BIO/insert-bio.php on line 8 ArrayNeed data[]

Answer Source

I had the same issue back in the day. After doing lots of research I found out that JSON cannot have a property that holds a file value. However, you can follow this example. It worked great for me. Hope it helps :)

$('#upload').on('click', function() {
var file_data = $('#sortpicture').prop('files')[0];   
var form_data = new FormData();                  
form_data.append('file', file_data);
            url: 'upload.php', // point to server-side PHP script 
            dataType: 'text',  // what to expect back from the PHP script, if anything
            cache: false,
            contentType: false,
            processData: false,
            data: form_data,                         
            type: 'post',
            success: function(php_script_response){
                alert(php_script_response); // display response from the PHP script, if any



if ( 0 < $_FILES['file']['error'] ) {
    echo 'Error: ' . $_FILES['file']['error'] . '<br>';
else {
    move_uploaded_file($_FILES['file']['tmp_name'], 'uploads/' . $_FILES['file']['name']);


Credit goes to -> jQuery AJAX file upload PHP

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