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Jasmine How to test a function that returns an anonymous function

I have the following code in a service.

function getK(k) {
return function() {
return k;

I can test that getK was called with

this.service = FiltersService;
spyOn(this.service, 'getK');

it("getK should be called", function(){
var key = "TEST";
var result = this.service.getK(key);

My question is how do I test the inner

return function() {
return k;

With Jasmine


To try and further specify, the
getK function
is used to fill in an object as shown below. That object is part of a library that I am using that uses
. I guess I am a little confused on how to test this from a karma-jasmine perspective seeing that the actual implementation of
is part of a library that I do not control. So I am not sure how to write tests for the internal getK function or even for the below
function to be sure the object is filled out properly

Data: {
Name: 'test'
key: getK("TEST"),
valid: function() {
return true;

Answer Source

Unit testing supposes testing the code line by line for full coverage.

Considering that getK is exposed as FiltersService method, it is


var key = {};
var result = this.service.getK(key);


There's no need for a spy in this spec, because there's nothing to spy.

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